Prayer List

Meta Hull, the mother of Mary Beth Thomas, who
is going through a rough patch.
Janis Curran, a good friend of many in our Hope
Church family, who is in the midst of a long
process to deal with a tumor in her jaw.
Isaac Unruh, friend of David Fankhauser who,
years ago, dove into water and became
paralyzed and continues to seek treatments to
improve his quality of life.
J. C. Dollar, who is dealing with several serious
health issues.
Carol Dollar, who continues to deal with cancer,
back, heart and kidney stones issues.
Leo Tinder, Shelby Tinder’s young son, who has
Krabbe disease.
Mary Gnuschke, who is recovering from three
Tammy Barrett, friend of Wendy Hickman, who
lost the use of her legs in a serious ATV
Jessica Heinz, Leslie Thompson’s niece.
Apollo Maliq Dolor, infant son of a friend of Wendy
Hickman, who is dealing with issues resulting
from being born prematurely.

George Stuber who is having serious respiratory
Lauren Garrett who is experiencing abdominal
pain and her doctors are trying to determine
the cause.
Francis Rath, former interim minister at Hope
Church during the summer of 1959 who fell
and has a fracture near his hip replacement.
Ken Spencer, father of Aileen Rost, who is being
treated for heart and kidney issues.
Patricia Harding, sister of Terry Boyer, who has
sprained her ankle.
Those Recovering At Home Following Surgery
Carol Dollar, who is recovering from stomach
Those Residing In An Assisted Living Facility
Mac Barnes, Vintage Gardens.
Those Residing In A Long Term Care Facility
Gracie Abersold, Riverside Place.
Virginia Walker, Vicki Schneider’s mother, Abbey
Those In Hospice Care
Charlene Haley, mother of Dawn Hirter, and aunt
of Jim Maag and Susan Schneider.
Thanksgiving for the Saints
DeKalb County Sheriff Andy Clark, a good friend
of Shelby Tinder and her family.
Kenzie Compton, a good friend of Tiffany and
Dallas Tritten.
Haley McKnight, the girlfriend of Nick Bauer,
passed away due to severe injuries sustained
in a farming accident.
Rickey Chambers, brother of Bev Farrow.
Agnes Boulger, aunt of Beth McCauley, Dan
Hegeman and Fritz Hegeman.

Thanksgiving For Healing
Logan Garrett, who is recovering from surgery to
repair a herniated disc in his back.
Don Wormsley who is recovering well from hip
replacement surgery.
Marilyn Lynn, sister of Terry Boyer, who is
recovering at home following a hospitalization
for the treatment of blood clots in her lungs
Rhonda Von Kaenel Jensen, Roe Gnuschke’s
sister, underwent cancer surgery and now
her doctor’s say that the cancer has not spread,
so she will not need chemotherapy or radiation.
Those Living With Cancer
Ed High, beloved of our community.
Andrew Stocker, the late Don Hegeman’s
grand-nephew (Don’s sister Violet Dickson’s
Donnie Miller, father of Mark Miller.
Linda Hurst, friend of Anita Yost.
Marge Nolte, Mary Beth Thomas’s aunt.
Sandra Ellsworth, daughter of the late Charlene
Caleb Colflesh nephew to Mary Beth and David
Thomas, who has been diagnosed with stage
4a melanoma.
Felicia Parker, staff person at Bourbon Street
Restaurant with whom Anita Yost has become
Marilyn Grider, friend of many in our Hope Church
Galen Hessemeyer, friend of Chris Carpenter.
David Arn, who, along with his wife, Kathy Arn, are
the co-proprietors of the Avenue City Store.
Mary Rinne, Sue Rinne’s sister.
Sean Aebersold, son of Bonnie Aebersold.
Charlie Glasco, father of Rita and Steve Whipple’s
daughter-in-law Charlette Whipple.
Will Walker, Savannah Middle School youth.
Susan Briner, friend of Terry Boyer.

Claude Hutchison, step-father to Christy Rhodes.
Pat McMurray, friend of Rick and Theresa
Tony Haley, brother of Dawn Hirter.
Don Phillippe, our Cosby neighbor.
Diane Murphy, mother of Matt and Nick Bauer.
Carol Dollar.
Linda Courtney, mother of Ryan Courtney.
Jennifer Stammers, friend of Leslie Thompson.
Brent Millard, brother-in-law to Genny Adams.
Mike Barton, the uncle of Mary Beth Thomas’s
daughter-in-law Lindsay Thomas.
Special Concerns and Thanksgivings
Concern for our neighbors near and far who have
passed away from COVID-19 and their
loved ones.
Concern for our neighbors near and far who have
contracted COVID-19 and the people who
care for them.
Concern for healthcare professionals and all
essential workers near and far who are on the
front lines dealing with COVID-19.
Concern for all of God’s children who are afraid
and anxious about COVID-19.
Concern for our nation in the midst of social strife
– may we each do our part to ensure that every
American is valued and respected.
Concern for those going through family turmoil.
Concern for those in prison.
Concern for people struggling to find meaning in
their lives and their loved ones who struggle along
with them.

Special Concerns and Thanksgivings (Cont’d)
Concern for those suffering chronic pain.
Concern for those going through tough times.
Concern for the people all over the globe where
violence and strife are a way of life.
Concern for missionaries serving around the
Concern for the families of missionaries.
Concern for all the members of the United States
military, including Brett Medsker; Joshua
Veraguth, Troy Shipley who is serving with the
Army National Guard; Kiley Hickok,
granddaughter of Donna Hickok, who serves with
the MO Air National Guard at Rosecrans Memorial
Airport; Jordyn and Frank Spence, (Jordyn is the
granddaughter of Donna Hickok), who serve in the
Air Force stationed at Ft. Bliss, El Paso, TX, David
Hickok, son of Donna Hickok, who serves with the
MO Air National Guard at Rosecrans Memorial
Airport; Erin Hickok, daughter-in-law of Donna
Hickok, who serves with the MO Air National
Guard at Rosecrans Memorial Airport; Adam
Herring, grandson of Joe Ann Brott, who serves
with the MO Air National Guard at Rosecrans
Memorial Airport, Colin Clibon, Melva Clibon’s
grandson, who serves in the Army Reserves in
Washington, D.C.; Jenzen Kizer, grandson of
Harlan and Ruby Kizer, who serves with the Army
in Oklahoma City, Lance Whipple who is serving
with MO Army National Guard and Zack Whipple
who is serving with MO Army National Guard.
Concern for the families of those serving in the
United States military.