John’s Monthly Letter

“Slowing Down To A Fuller Life”
Dear Hopefulls,
Last weekend Sue and I went for a bike
ride on the Flint Hills Trail in Kansas. It is a hike/
bike/horse trail converted from an abandoned
train rail line. It is nice and flat – perfect for us
these days!
As we were riding along, a group of horses
and their riders came toward us from the opposite
direction. When we got up close to them, one of
the women riders said, “Thank you very much for
slowing down for us to not scare our horses.” I
chuckled and said, “We didn’t slow down. This is
just the speed we bike!”
Not long afterward, another group of
horses came toward us, and, once again, a very
nice woman thanked us for slowing down so we
would not scare the horses. This time I had
enough sense not to squelch her kindness by
admitting that we were just going our normal
speed. I just said something like, “Oh, no problem
at all.” I also did not admit that it would have been
a problem for us to go any faster!

Truth is, these days Sue and I have
enough years under our belts that we are not
quite as energetic as we have been in the past.
So our activities have taken on a slower pace. It
used to be that on vacation we would get up
before sunrise, go non-stop all day long, and
collapse at night. And then we would get up the
next morning before sunrise and start running
around all over again.
But last fall, when we went to Beaver
Island, Michigan, we did a few things during the
day – mostly driving around the island and taking
leisurely walks at a beach or in the woods, maybe
a bike ride or kayaking or pedal boating. But we
would not run around all day. In the evening we
would have snacks as we watched the sun go
down into Lake Michigan. Then we would enjoy a
beach campfire and roast some marshmallows
before doing some reading and turning out the
light. Very much fun at a very relaxed pace.
I do miss packing in all the activities we
used to do. On the other hand, I am enjoying the
comfortable pleasure of a more laid back
schedule. Sue is definitely enjoying our slower
tempo. She no longer feels like she has to go
back to work to rest up from her time off!
Maybe you have heard the notion that
“less is more, more or less.” During these days of
Lent, do you think you could trim down on doing to
get more out of living?
Best wishes for a meaningful Lenten journey…
Blessings and love,