Prayer List

Many people inform Hope Church of prayer requests and we attempt to accommodate all those requests. We depend on the people who have made prayer requests to keep us informed to update those requests. Thank you!

Those Serving in the United States Military Caleb Snapp, Brett Medsker, Josh Veraguth, Ethan Stanley,Jordyn Hickok Spence, Kiley Hickok, Collin Clibon, Erin Hickok, David Hickok, Jenzen Kizer, Clayton Raines, Lance Whipple and Jesse Meek
Those Serving as Missionaries Tim Windmeyer; Cole McCauley; Eric, Kindsey, Makenna and Gentry Schneider
Those Recovering at Home Mary Gnuschke, who is recovering from three strokes Kristie Dixon, who is recovering from knee replacement surgery Becky Flurry, who is recovering from foot surgery
Those In Physical Rehabilitation Rosemary Archdekin is in Living Community rehabilitation following hip replacement surgery.
Those In Long Term Care Gracie Abersold
Those In Need of Prayer Carol and J. C. Dollar, Janis Curran, Scott Schottel
Cancer Patients Carlin Bush, Ed High, Andrew Stocker, Donna Shuman, Beckie Mogensen, Mona Simons, Charles Estep, Donnie Miller, Linda Hurst, Marge Nolte, Sandra Ellsworth, Alice Meadows, Marty Parent, Izzy Lightle, J. Bower, Felicia Parker, Caleb Colflesh, Marilyn Grider, Brenda Blackwell, Barb Maag, Galen Hessemeyer, Tom Thornton, Jeramiah Gilbert, Susie Walker, David Arn, Ron Kempa, Dan Peterson, Barb Painter, Carla Bloomquist, Jason Acker, and Sherrill Logan
Those In The Hospital George Stuber
Those In Hospice Care Irma Jean Crabtree